Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Press Tofu

When I really began playing around with tofu, I kept coming across recipes that told me to "press" my tofu. I didn't know what this meant and it sounded involved. Looking at the internet didn't help. I found all these crazy contraptions claiming to be needed for the procedure. Because of this, I often passed up recipes that sounded great, but didn't appeal to my laziness and frugality. I finally came across the directions for pressing tofu in one of my books. I couldn't believe how easy it sounded. Turns out it is a breeze and just takes 20 minutes at the start of the recipe. Many times I start the process and then get everything else that I need ready. Before I know it, my tofu is pressed and ready to go!

Have you been in a similar situation? Has "pressing" deterred you from discovering great new ways to use tofu? Don't let it happen any more. Nothing could be more simple or easy.


Cut your tofu however you wish. Wrap the tofu in a clean tea towel (save the environment!) or a few layers of paper towels.

Next, place a flat plate or cookie sheet on top. Rest a heavy object, or objects, on top. You may use a few large cans of tomatoes or a large book. Anything heavy works. Just make sure it is sturdy. Leave this pressing for about 20-25 minutes and then drain the liquid and rinse your towel.

Now, wasn't that easy? Ok, no more excuses: get pressing!

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